As I had mentioned in a previous article about my new website design, the new site is pretty easy for me to update; Jekyll, Bourbon, and Neat increase my productivity. So I decided to update the overall look and feel things.

First order of business was to swap out the fonts used on the site. I like PT Sans well enough, but it wasn’t working for me on this site. Maybe it was a bit too casual for my taste. I decided to use the Roboto font family and it feels right for this version.

I also decided to remove the individual hero images for each project. They seemed too bulky to me. So they’re gone for now. I did implement a responsive header image which I may hijack in a future update for project hero images, but I’ll leave that for another time if I feel up to it. For now what I have feels good.

So what’s your point, brochacho?

The web is changing rapidly every day. I want my site to represent a simple style that can be easily updated with minimal fuss. Hopefully I can keep updating and improving as time and resources allow. I’m already looking forward to the next major revision.