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Every new year I take time to look back and reflect on my accomplishments, memories, and goals from the previous year. One of those goals was to finally get my butt in gear and create a new website design for myself.

The new site took about a month to design, test, iterate, and tweak. I wanted something really simple that focused more on the content than on the design itself. As Greg Storey from Happy Cog noted in his recent article, “Make, Do,“ too much time is spent on sweating every detail and herding pixels. I wanted the new site to be good enough to get out the door and still have room for improvement and iteration over time. It is far from perfect, but it is good enough for me to build on.

New Features

Some of the new features of this site include the ability to easily add GitHub Gists right inline with my posts. For example, here is a Sass mixin I created to easily style placeholder text:

I can also post code examples directly inline:

// javascript function to add extra spaces between letters in a string
function spaceText(txt) {
  return txt.split('').join(' ');

This makes it much easier to share bits of code I write and to share sample code in articles. Win!

And in the end

Like I said, it is far from perfect. But it is simple enough that I can update things and add new features without too much hassle.

Hopefully this new setup will encourage me to update the site more frequently and to write more blog posts. :)