My name is William Dodson and I am a designer, developer, and artist who specializes in accessible, standards-compliant web design and web application development that looks great and performs well across a broad range of media and devices.

I bring nearly two decades of industry experience to any project as an expert graphic artist, web designer, and web application developer. I’m never content to rest for too long and I am constantly learning and striving to find better ways to work—by exploring new ideas and implementing new technologies. I’m considered by my friends and colleagues to be the consummate “early adopter.”


I have an extensive background in Perl, ColdFusion, PHP, and Java development for the private sector and for several US Government agencies. More recently I began to focus on Ruby—along with the Rails and Sinatra frameworks—using what are commonly referred to as agile software development methodologies. Not many Web developers can claim to have software built more than 10 years ago still being used in production, but several of my government projects are still in use today.

I began my design career while still a teenager when local businesses in my home town of Woodbridge, VA would pay me to design flyers and advertisements. This was quite a few years before the advent of desktop publishing so everything I did was cut-out, paste-up, Letraset® rub-on (or hand-drawn) lettering, and photocopy work.

Starting sometime around late 1994 to early 1995 I built my first business website for a company called ABC Imaging in Manassas, VA where I was employed at the time as a junior graphic artist and print mounting technician. After leaving ABC Imaging in late 1995 I spent many years working on the side from home doing simple websites for people and businesses—all while working a full-time job in the printing and sign industry as well as playing music several nights a week. During those years I began to learn several Web programming languages, such as ColdFusion, Perl, and PHP. This also inevitably led to my interest and love for database design.

Currently I specialize in advanced custom WordPress solutions and performance-focused front end development using tools like JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, and Sass, along with Gulp and Grunt for running tasks and front end tooling. I was fortunate enough to be listed as a credited technical reviewer for the book, “Sass and Compass in Action,” by Manning Publications Company (read: I got to test code samples and try to break things 😎). I love to play and record music, collect tattoos, hunt for geocaches, and I am an accomplished Disc Golf geek.