Soul’s Harbor Church of God in Manassas, Virginia is made up of people from various countries, denominations, and backgrounds. This unique melting pot of cultures supports Pastor Tony Willis’ statement that “all people are welcome here.” I have been designing and maintaining the website since the very beginning, circa 1998.

The website design and backend had not been updated since 2006 and I wanted to port the site over to a new design and a new backend. Specifically, I wanted to move the site off of WordPress. I wanted the design to be clean, easy to use, and built using a mobile first approach to the design.

The site uses Sass, Bourbon, and Neat to handle CSS preprocessing for the custom theme. The site was built with Jekyll instead of WordPress this time around to make pages load faster and to decouple the site from a database-driven solution. The result is a clean design with a focus on typography that works well on nearly all devices.